SPD ‘Send Email’ Workflow Activity HTML Message Body

August 28th, 2007 by Dor

Would you like to send email messages with a rich text body from your custom SharePoint Designer workflow? Well, it’s easier than you think…

Appearatnly the out of the box activity sends the message body as HTML, but the editor is not rich, thus misleading us to think we can only insert simple text. However, the solution is to simply paste HTML code into the body. And that’s it! Open-mouthed

This way you can create messages with cool content, and align the body as RTL (Right To Left) for relevant languages such as Hebrew.

Here’s a screenshot from SharePoint Designer in Hebrew, in which I created an RTL message:


Tip: Check the Workflow XOML file that SPD creates before running it for the first time. (Because on the first run it will compile and workflow will become unchangable.) See the HTML string you created and run it through some HTML Decoder, to convert special characters to understandable text. Then you can make sure the HTML is OK.

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