An interesting revelation about publishing…

December 29th, 2006 by Dor

Sites that have the publishing feature active - can’t be saved as templates. This option simply dissappears from the site administration page when the feature is turned on.

You can get to the “Save As Template” web page by appending the page’s address (”/_layouts…”) to the site’s URL, however this action is unsupported and sites restored from the saved template might be broken.

If you’d like to migrate a site that uses the publishing feature, use STSADM or SharePoint Designer’s import/export abilities. And if you don’t need publishing - don’t turn it on.

Hope this will be resolved in a hotfix….

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Upgrade Toolkit for WSS Sites and Templates Guide

December 18th, 2006 by Dor


אז בזמן שאני מחכה לשדרוג של שרת ל-RTM שיסתיים להתבצע, מצאתי משהו מעניין שפורסם השבוע:

Upgrade Toolkit for Windows SharePoint Services Sites and Templates Guide

The Toolkit serves three main purposes:

  • To provide IT professionals with the guidance and tools they need to upgrade customized WSS 2.0 sites and site templates to function in a WSS 3.0 environment.
  • To provide a set of upgraded application templates for Windows SharePoint Services based on those currently published for WSS 2.0 on TechNet.
  • To provide instructions for installing these application templates in a WSS 3.0 environment.
בקיצור, נראה מעניין וחשוב לכל מי שפיתח Site Definitions ורוצה לשדרג ל-MOSS.

אעדכן ברשמים מחוויית השדרוג בהמשך. :)

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